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Bluegrass Standard

The family that plays together stays together.   That saying certainly describes the Wimberley Bluegrass Band, made up of four siblings—Danielle, 23, James and Mark, 22, and Michael, 19.  A rising talent on the music scene, they’re building a career that started with Christmas gifts.   “We begged our parents for instruments, and we ended up getting a banjo, mandolin and a guitar,” recalls Michael.  “We already had a violin, so we started playing together.”   That was 2006. See more...” - Andrew Jordan

Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

The Wimberley Bluegrass Band is a group of four siblings from Orange County, California who play and sing bluegrass music. While all are still young, they are already experienced performers, having worked festivals and shows all over their state and the southwestern US.  See more...” - John Lawless

Bluegrass Today

Life is full of infinite possibilities and choices, but for better or worse, we enter the world with at least one thing predetermined for us: our family members. Those innate bonds have an especially powerful meaning for one Chapman graduate, Michael Wimberley, who last week graduated alongside his three siblings. His family isn’t the only thing drawing attention to Wimberley’s graduation, however. At 17, Wimberley received his bachelor of arts in strategic and corporate communications, with a political science minor – making him the youngest graduate in Chapman’s history.See more...” - Jonathan Winslow

Orange County Register (May 23, 2016)

The Wimberley family is about to pull off something that’s not just truly astounding but also, in theory, mathematically impossible. See more...” - David Whiting

Orange County Register (May 19, 2016)

They live together, study together, play music together - and now these four California siblings, aged 17 to 22, will be graduating college together.  On Chapman University's commencement day, the Wimberley siblings will all be handed their degrees on the same stage. See more...” - Anneta Konstantinides

Daily Mail

Four members of the Wimberly (sic) family in Orange County, three brothers and a sister, are set to graduate together from Chapman University this spring, including the youngest who is only 17-years-old. Kirk Hawkins reports from Orange for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  See more...” - Kirk Hawkins


Michael Wimberley ’16 was so small that he had to stand on an apple box when he and his three siblings first performed at Riley’s Apple Farm in January 2008. ...See More” - Cathi Douglas

Chapman Magazine

The Jackson 5, The Kinks, Disclosure: all seemingly discordant bands that’re made up of siblings who strengthened their relationship through a musical bond. Siblings Danielle, Mark, James and Michael Wimberley, all juniors at Chapman, comprise the Wimberley Bluegrass Band. They started playing music together in 2006 and first performed as a band in 2008. “We’re best friends, so we always enjoy hanging around each other,” Michael Wimberley said. ...See More” - Madeleine Caraluzzi

The Panther

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a band with your siblings?  Perhaps you dreamt about it long ago.  These four siblings realized that dream.  The Wimberley Bluegrass Band is comprised of four juniors, all siblings, at Chapman University.   .....See More” - Laura Roosevelt

The Odyssey

Bluegrass music is rooted in the American family, and that couldn't be any truer for Santa Ana's The Wimberley Bluegrass Band. For seven years now, siblings Danielle, 20, twins Mark and James, 18, and Michael Wimberley, 15, have been playing a style common to the founders of bluegrass from the '30s and '40s. .....See More” - Kris Fortin

Orange County Register

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