Wimberley Bluegrass Band

Wimberley Bluegrass Band is comprised entirely of four siblings based in Southern California! They provide fun and wholesome musical entertainment, and strive to keep the traditional sounds of bluegrass music alive and well by taking it to new audiences.

Danielle Wimberley plays the mandolin, James Wimberley plays banjo, Mark Wimberley, his twin, plays guitar, and Michael Wimberley plays the fiddle. They all sing, with Michael usually taking the lead and the others singing that tight harmony unique to family groups.

They are honored to be endorsing artists with some great companies: Weber Mandolin Company, Deering Banjo Company, Black Diamond Strings, L.R. Baggs acoustic pickups, and G&H Plugs.

The band has performed at many bluegrass festivals, such as the Huck Finn Jubilee, and the Big Bear Bluegrass Festival, where they were the headlining act twice. Not limited to California, they have completed several national tours throughout multiple states, including several performances in Nashville, Tennessee. Recently, Wimberley Bluegrass Band was featured at the NAMM 2018 show, the world’s biggest music trade show convention which saw an attendance of 115,000 people. They have also performed at various places in Northern and Southern California with award winning guitarist Dennis Agajanian. In February 2015, their song “Hard Working Man” was featured in an episode of ABC’s nationally broadcasted sitcom “The Middle”, and the same year, Danielle and James were featured playing mandolins in a nationally-aired commercial for KFC featuring Darrell Hammond.

The siblings have been very involved at Chapman University, where they all attended with various majors; they performed in the nationally televised Christmas program, performed Carol Barnett’s The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass with the university choir, and shared the story of bluegrass music at TEDxChapmanU. In May 2016, the siblings gained international attention as all four of them graduated from Chapman University with bachelor’s degrees at the same time!

The Wimberley siblings got started in music by listening to Vintage Country and Bluegrass and then soon developed a love for the music. They asked their parents for instruments for Christmas 2006, and taught themselves to play them. They learned many songs by going to jams and by listening to their favorite Bluegrass artists, such as Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Doyle Lawson, and Ricky Skaggs. The Wimberleys’ first performance was in January of 2008.

The Wimberley siblings did not initially plan to be a professional band, but after receiving much encouragement through many repeated requests to perform, they realized that there was a great demand for a young sibling band that played such a delightful genre of music as bluegrass. Then the
siblings, with one mind, wholeheartedly agreed to pursue this as an ongoing business.

They continue to delight audiences in and around Southern California on a regular basis, and released their much-anticipated fifth album, “Traveling”, in August 2016. It features six original songs written by the band members as well as some more familiar and classic songs.

Danielle - Mandolin, Vocals

Danielle plays mandolin and is a Weber Instruments endorsing artist.

She is the eldest of the Wimberley siblings and is the only girl among them. Her powerful mandolin chops are drawn from the inspiration of Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs, her favorite mandolin stylists. Danielle provides the high harmony vocals, and often is requested to sing lead on some of her favorite tunes.  

Fun Fact: She earned her black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate with her brothers in 2007.

James - Banjo, Vocals

James plays banjo and is a Deering Banjos endorsing artist.

James is the oldest brother, second oldest of the siblings. While all the Wimberley siblings love the banjo, James proved most adept as he learned from listening to banjo pioneers like Terry Baucom, Earl Scruggs, and Jim Mills. James offers lower harmony to the sibling quartet, delighting crowds with the occasional yet robust bass vocal. 

Fun Fact: James can be seen with Danielle, right behind Darrell Hammond in the famous Colonel Sanders Mandolin Band commercial. They also provided the mandolin music behind his jingle. Read about it here.

Mark - Guitar, Vocals

Mark plays guitar and is a Black Diamond Strings and L.R. Baggs endorsing artist. 

Mark is James' twin brother. He stands on the other side of the stage, completing the "Bluegrass Bookends" image with rhythm guitar and assorted harmony vocals. Mark's songwriting has added fan favorites as "This Chevy Truck and Me", "A Few Miles Down the Road", and "The Lost Will Find Redemption in the Lord".

Fun Fact: He was Dr. Ralph Stanley's artist liaison for his last appearance at the Huck Finn Jubilee. 

Michael - Fiddle, Lead Vocals

Michael is an award-winning fiddle player who is an L.R. Baggs endorsing artist. 

Michael is the youngest sibling, and lead singer for the group. He has been playing violin since he was very young, but he didn't start fiddling until he was 8 years old. His favorite fiddlers are Bobby Hicks, Andy Leftwich, and Vassar Clemments.  Michael has proven to be a prolific songwriter, providing over half of the band's original music, including favorites like "East Texas Rain", "Magnolia Creek Home" and co-writing "Saddleback Hill" with Mark, just to name a few. 

Fun Fact: Michael is the youngest to ever graduate from Chapman University, earning his Bachelor's in Strategic and Corporate Communication at the age of 17 years old. He also became the youngest admit to Fowler School of Law. 

Upcoming Events

  • 1/27/2019
    The NAMM Show,  Anaheim
  • 3/23/2019
    Black and White Bash,  Orange

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